Frequently Ask Questions


Open the pouch and add required volume of milk or milk alternative, mix together well, reseal pouch and refrigerate overnight.

Yes you can use any milk alternatives.
Yes, but won’t taste as good, why not try a non-dairy alternative to milk or yoghurt
Once opened and prepared, use within 1 day
Yes, just decant into microwave safe dish first


No we don’t use any additives
This will be very similar, just much more convenient to use
Yes we only use certified Gluten Free Oats
Yes! If you are looking for an effortless breakfast recipe that’s nutrient-rich and can help you reach your weight loss goals successfully this recipe for overnight oats is just for you
We are not registered with WW
Please see the individual product details on our website or back of packs
Not yet, but we hope to be introducing a mixed case soon
No, these are classed as ‘chametz’


Yes all our variants are Vegan Friendly, as long as you use non- dairy milk or yoghurt
Sorry but these are not currently organic, although most of the ingredients are

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